Welcome to the Create Or Conquer Gameplay Help Page. Here you will find resources to help you to enjoy Create Or Conquer to the fullest extent possible.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

The goal of Create or Conquer is to find adventure and fun. Roam around the streets/areas and enter buildings/rooms to find items, recipes, quests/missions and adventure! Some NPC characters will tell you stories about the world around you, and give you things to do for them.

  1. Read the information on the Map page. Click the Map icon in your Options window
  2. Post a message in World Chat or a Tavern, and see if other players can help you. Or visit World Chat.
  3. Watch our Flash player tutorials
Good Luck!

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Game Tips

  • If you see a (3) beside a sector, street, or building name, it means that there are three players within the area.

  • Turn your speakers on as the game has sound. You can enable/disable sounds in the Sound Options section

  • Be careful! Don't just wildly open crates and baskets - sometimes they are protected by harmful traps! If your stats get lowered too much, you won't be able to interact within buildings. I recommend having some raise fatigue items on hand. There are lots of recipes around the world to make your own potions, or you can buy them from a Vendor/Merchant.

  • Some houses/rooms have monsters in them, so be careful! Look to buy or find a weapon to protect yourself.

  • If you run out of money, find a NPC player in the world who has a �free� item. Free items are in containers that are not locked or trapped (eg: Fizpa's wooden crate). You can collect these items and store them in your vault, and sell them to Vendors for instant money.

  • If any of your statistics hit 0 (or go below 0) you will be unable to act within buildings. You are still able to act within Vendors, Merchants, Crafthouses, Vaults and Player Chatrooms. You may need some player assistance, or the help of one of your other characters to get healed up.

  • If your fatigue statistic falls below half value, it will be 30% more difficult to pick locks or probe for traps. Keep your fatigue above half!

  • If you are trying to pick a lock or probe a trap and see the warning �too complex� this means that you currently do not meet the minimum requirements to continue. Try raising your stats to their full values.

  • In order to complete a quest you may need to find an item, and return to the quest-giver. If you find the item and leave it in your vault - the quest giver will not see it in your inventory and will not complete the quest for you. Be sure to have quest items in your inventory when you plan on turning in/completing a quest.

  • Level increases are assigned every 1000 experience points earned. Health and fatigue stats are raised 10 points each level, and Strength, Mind and Luck skills are raised 2 points per level.

  • Chatrooms heal stats every 30 seconds - so spend some time in a chatroom to heal.

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So you want to fight monsters huh? Well there's a few things you need to know.

1. You'll need a weapon. You can't fight them with your bare hands (yet). There's different types of weapons out there in the world, and you can even craft your own weapons if you find recipes. Buy a weapon from a Merchant, or Vendor. Any item that does damage (Dmg Health, Dmg Fatigue, etc) will work on a monster.

2. Weapons do damage to you and/or your monster - so don't use the weapon on yourself :) To fight a monster, you will be prompted to click a link 'Attack this monster with your...'.

3. Not all weapons are created equal. Some weapons can damage different stats. When a monster has a stat reach 0 (that isn't it's health) it will be incapacitated (unable to attack you, miss constantly). This is great! Free for all on the monster! Just be sure to keep your stats above half.

4. Monsters drop gold, and give XP. Monsters can also drop rare items, and even the weapon they've just attacked you with.

5. Your Strength skill governs what weapon you can use. You can only use a weapon that damages health less than/equal to your current Strength skill level.

Example: Your strength is 15, and you find a wooden club that does 5 damage health - this is fine, 5 is less than 15. You find a sword that does 20 damage health - you can't equip this item until your strength is 20 or higher.

If you get tired of the monster screaming at you, go to Sound Options and turn off Game Sounds.

Once you've defeated a monster, you can cruise around the area and re-enter the room without it coming back. Once you go back to street level the monster will be respawned - so if you don't feel like re-fighting the monsters, try not to go back to street level unless you have to.

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Using Items/Weapons

There are a few ways to use items:
  • Rings and potions, you click in your Inventory to use them to raise your stats. Check the items for attributes to see if they heal or damage stats.

  • Weapons you use against enemies, and you will be prompted to attack with a weapon. If you click on your weapon you can set it to be your current weapon to use. You can only equip a weapon that has a dmgHealth value less than or equal to your current Strength stat.

  • Pets don't need to be clicked. When you enter a building area, hold your mouse over your pet to see if he says anything interesting. See Pets section for more info.

  • Resources like berries, leaves, metal bars etc are clickable, but won't do anything for you directly. You'll need to make an item like a potion, ring or tool to be of better use.

  • Recipes, same as resouces, find a Crafthouse to make items like potions, rings, weapons etc.

  • Lockpicks and Trap Probes are essential in the game. You'll find lots of locked or trapped containers, doors etc - always have a few in your Inventory.

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Using Armor

To use armor, simply leave it in your inventory. Clicking on your armor will use its abilities on you (raise your stats). Using your armor on yourself could make your armor disappear (if it has 0 uses). Armor will raise your stats automatically and make you more effective to fight monsters, be able to equip better weapons etc. You can only equip one piece of armor at a time.

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Pets are a funny duck (no pun intended). They act like a regular item, but are very unique in this way:

When you have a pet in your inventory, and enter a building, hold your mouse over the pet and see if it's description changes. Each time you try to open a container or enter a new room - check the pet's description. Pets can give tips and hints about traps, required items etc. Very handy. Or you can click the 'Refresh' link in your Inventory window, this will ask the pet to think up something new.

Clicking on your pet does nothing - except give him a little stroke - which he likes.

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Healing Stats

There are a few ways to heal stats when you're hurting:

1. Hang out in a Tavern. All world taverns heal all stats 10 points every 30 seconds. Click 'Refresh' in your Inventory window to check to see when you're all healed.

2. Buy/make some potions/rings. There's lots of recipes out there to make different items to drink or wear to heal stats.

3. Find healing items. There are some buildings with free potions, rings etc - but they might be trapped.

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Creating a Party

1. To invite a player, click the create party link beside their name in your Friends List. They'll get a message from you. If you're not on the person's Friends List - you are now, so they can join. If you are the person requesting others to join, you are the leader. Only the leader can ask others to join a party - else you're creating separate parties.

2. To join, click the Join link in your Friends List. To decline, click the Decline link - the player who invited you will get a message.

3. Once you've joined, the join link turns to a Party link. Click this link to pop a new chat window to chat with the other players in your party.

4. To leave a party, click the Leave link. This only makes you leave a party, everyone else stays. Please don't drink and drive!

5. To disband your party (only the leader has this option), click the Disband link. This will remove everyone from your party. Get out!

6. You can/should only be in one party at a time.

7. If you are in a party and go street-side, all the monsters will be respawned for the party area.

8. XP and gold is divided evenly by the number of players in the party (example: party of 4, for 1000xp, would each get 250 xp).

9. The party leader receives all drop items, so it's kinda funny to suddenly have 9 horsemint leaves and you didn't kill any toads....

10. It is possible to go off (split up) and fight in different buildings, and STILL be in a party. XP and gold will still be divided for each kill, but only those who are present at the time the monster dies - will get xp and gold. The leader will catch all your monster drop items - so it isn't worth it really, unless you feel like giving away stuff and getting half xp/gold.

#11: Important: Add yourself to your own Friends List, then if no one joins your party, you can click the Leave link and be able to kill the party instance.

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Dueling (PvP)

Dueling is where you can fight another player in a building called an Arena. This is also known as Player Vs. Player (PvP).

1. To initiate a duel, you must first be in an arena building. These buildings are seldom found within the world - you may have to ask other players for help.

2. Once you are in an Arena building, click on your Messages icon and view your Friends list. If the person you wish to duel isn't on your list, add them now.

3. Click the Challenge link for the player you wish to duel. They will receive a in-game message from you asking them to duel you and tell them which Arena building to find you in.

4. Click the Check for Opponent link in the Arena building, to see if your opponent has arrived. If your opponent declines your invitation to duel - you will receive a decline message from them.

5. When your opponent enters the Arena building, their avatar will show as an enemy to you, and the duel will begin. Each player dueling is given a chance to attack, and the other player must wait their turn. Click the Check for Attack link to see if it is your turn to attack.

6. As the duel runs its course, you will be able to heal yourself with any healing items you have in your Inventory. Once a duel starts, it can not be called off, unless you click the Cancel link in your Friends List.

7.Once an opponent dies, the winner will receive the following:

  • A percentage of the dead opponent's XP, this could be considerable based on how high a level your defeated opponent is. The defeated opponent gets no XP, and does not lose XP for losing the duel - they only lose face, and must live with the shame of defeat.

  • All the dead opponent's gold on hand. The gold will be automatically transferred upon the opponent's death to the winner.

  • As many of the dead opponent's items from their Inventory that the winner can hold. The items will be taken in order from left to right from the dead opponent's inventory.
Dueling is a great way to gain experience, items and gold. It is also a great way to get bragging rights and be known as the toughest player in the world!

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The game interface is made up of 4 screens, listed below in clockwise order:

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Adventure Screen

This is the main screen for the game. The majority of player actions take place here. From this screen you can navigate the city, sectors, streets, and buildings. Once inside a building you can interact with items within the buildings such as locks, traps, containers, items and accept quests. From this screen you can also interact with other building types, such as Merchant, Vendors, Vault, Crafthouses, Chatrooms and Banks.

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Vendor Screen

This screen will allow you to buy items from a world Vendor. Vendors sell items at inflated prices. Vendors offer very low prices for your items. If an item is not available at a Merchant, it will be available at a Vendor. Quest items can be sold by players to a Vendor, but a Vendor will not sell quest items back.

Buy Items
To buy an item from a Vendor, click the Buy link under the item. You will be asked to confirm buying the item. If you do not have enough money to afford an item, the Buy link will not be present. Money will be deducted from your character when you buy an item.

Sell Items
To sell an item, click the �Sell Items� link. This screen will show your current inventory. Under each of your items will be the price the Vendor is offering you, and a �Sell� link. Click the Sell link to sell the item. You will be prompted to confirm the sale of the item. Money will be added to your character when you buy the item. There is no charge to sell items to a Vendor.

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Merchant Screen

This screen will allow you to buy items from a world Merchant. Merchants sell player items at prices posted by other players. If an item is not available at a Merchant, it might be available at a Vendor. Players may sell Quest items and other items at a Merchant to be bought by other players.

Buy Items
To buy an item from a Merchant, click the Buy link under the item. You will be asked to confirm buying the item. If you do not have enough money to afford an item, the Buy link will not be present. Money will be deducted from your character and given to the player who is selling the item.

Sell Items
To sell an item, click the �Sell Items� link and fill in your price (please use whole numbers, no decimal values). This screen will show your current inventory. Under each of your items will be a field for you to enter a sale price, and a �Sell� button. Enter your sale price and click the Sell button to sell the item. You will be prompted to confirm the sale of the item. There is no charge to sell items to a Merchant.

Each Merchant has different set of items for sale, so be sure to travel the world and check each Merchant.

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Vault Screen

The vault is where you can store extra items. These items could be spare items, quest items, etc. There is a maximum number of items your vault can hold.

Give Items
The Give screen shows your current inventory. Under each item is a Give link. Click the Give link to give the item to the Vault to hold for you.

Take Items
The Take screen shows your items in the Vault. Click the Take link under an item to take it. You must have room in your inventory to accept the item - else you will not be able to receive the item.

There is no charge to use the Vault. Only your current logged in character's items will be available to take from the Vault. No one else can access your vault.

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Chatroom Screen

Player chatrooms are a great place to interact with other players. The chat screen shows current conversation and players in the room. You can join in, or find a quieter chatroom to chat. If you wish to chat privately, you can use the Messages system.

Players are able to create their own chatrooms via the World Building system. The chatrooms are real-time.

Chatrooms heal stats every 30 seconds - so spend some time in a chatroom to heal.

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Crafthouse Screen

Crafthouses allow you to create items using recipes you find in the world. All recipes require resources. All recipes show what resources are required. For example, a Iron Lock Pick Recipe requires one metal bar as a resource.

When you visit a Crafthouse, you will need to have the recipe and resource(s) in your inventory, and the correct amount of money to have the item created. Each time you create an item, the recipe and resources are decremented until they are used up. You will gain experience each time you create an item.

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Bank Screen

Banks allow players to store excess money. Banks pay daily interest on money deposited with the bank. A player can withdraw money from a bank at anytime. It is free to use a bank.

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Character Screen

The character screen shows all character information like character name, avatar, health, fatigue, strength, mind and luck statistics. Your money and experience points are also shown here. This screen automatically updates as you play the game. The screen will refresh to show your stats, gold and experience as they increase and decrease based on game play.

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Options Screen

This screen has game features for your character. Clicking on any one of the icons will pop up a small window containing a game feature for your character to use. Click the red X in the top right corner of the window to close the window when you are finished.

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Inventory Screen

The Inventory screen shows the game items that you are currently carrying. There is a maximum amount of items that you can carry at one time. Your current inventory capacity and maximum capacity are shown in the left side of the Inventory screen. Example: (3/10) would mean you are carrying 3 items, and have a maximum capacity of 10 items.

There are 4 main functions for the Inventory screen:

Use item:

Some items are usable, such as potions. You will be able to click these icons to use them. If an item has no more uses, it will be removed from your inventory.

Delete item:

From time to time you may wish to delete an item from your Inventory. Deleting an item will pop up a small prompt dialog box, asking you to confirm the deletion of the selected item. Rather than deleting an item, visit a Vendor and sell the item, or list the item for sale at a Merchant, so other players can buy it.

Selecting your current weapon:

Clicking on a weapon icon will ask you if you want to make the weapon your 'current' weapon. This will allow you to switch weapons during battle, and as you find weapons and add them to your inventory.


If you wish to refresh the Inventory screen, click the Refresh link.

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Clicking on the Map icon will load the map in the adventure window. The city map will show a list of Sector names on the right hand side. Click on a sector name to enter the Sector. This is similar for the Sector and Street screens. Click the Map icon in the Options screen to return to the City screen at any time.

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Quest Journal

The Quest Journal is where your list of completed and incomplete quests are stored. When you receive a quest, it will be automatically added to your Quest Journal. Once you complete a quest, it will be automatically moved to the Completed Quests screen in your Quest Journal. If you forget a specific piece of information about a quest, it will be shown under the quest details.

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Journal (Personal Diary)

This screen will allow you to make notes about the world as you discover new things. You may have as many entries as you like. This screen can be helpful to use while you are working on quests - to store information about people you meet in the world and items you find, or areas you cannot access. Journal entries are not automatically deleted, it is up to the player to remove them.

You may encounter other players in the game who are seeking information you have already discovered. Sharing this information can be helpful to other players. One way to share this information privately is to use the Messages system. Your journal is unique to each character you create.

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The Messages system will allow you to communicate with other players in the game. There are a number of features in the system:

Friends List

You can add other players to your Friends list. Type the character's name into the text field and click the 'Add' button. Make new friends by finding players names from items for sale at merchants, or from chatrooms.

Your Friends list will show the last date the character logged into the world. You can send a message to a friend from this screen by clicking the Send Message link. You can also delete the friend at any time. When a friend deletes their character, the character name will be automatically removed from your Friends list.

You can use the 'Donate' link to send money from one character to another. Each player will receive an internal message notifying them about the success of the donation.

Sound Options

This link will allow you to toggle game sounds on or off. Why is it here? Because I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it right now, and I knew you would most likely see it here.

Send Messages

To send a message, click the Send Message link next to your friend�s name. On the Send Message screen, your name and the send date will be filled in for you. Enter your message subject and message to your friend and click the Send button.

Message Inbox

This screen will show all messages you have received. Unread messages will have a bolded subject line. You can read a message by clicking the subject line, or delete it by clicking the Delete link. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the message.

View Messages

This screen will show you the message sent by another player. It will show the name of the player who sent it, the date the message was sent, and the message content. Once you have read the message, you can reply to it, delete it, or leave it in your inbox. Messages older than 30 days will be deleted, so be sure to write down any important information in your Journal.

Reply to Messages

To reply to a message, click the Reply link below the message (or in your Inbox screen). The recipient player name, your name and the send date will be filled in for you. Enter your reply message and click the Reply button.

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Help Screen

This screen will load in a new browser window. It contains the Help file you are now reading. This file is updated periodically.

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World Chat

This chat icon will load a small window called 'World Chat'. Keep this small window open as you play the game and you'll be able to chat with other players. The small pane on the right side of the chat window will show names of players in the room. Or post a message and someone will send you a IM (internal message) when they read it.

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